We plan for success

At Impar Grupo we provide comprehensive real estate solutions in the following areas: consulting, investment and a powerful architecture, design and management team.

We adjust to our clients’ needs, contributing with all our experience and a comprehensive service intended to help people, companies and investors conduct their activities under the best conditions with guaranteed success.

We apply a 360º perspective to find the best solution to any challenge.  Our ability to adapt to the landscape and to the particulars of each project with a cross-functional team is what make us stand out.

Live the New Classic is our motto; performing new, contemporary and groundbreaking projects while remaining at the forefront of the industry is what inspire us to create spaces.


Our success is based on human and technical value of our team. A group of unique professionals, with extensive expertise and passion for quality work.

We are based on a holistic approach and look for groundbreaking solutions adjusting to our clients’ needs and allowing us to develop projects in a comprehensive manner.

We believe in borderless world and in a dynamic, direct and universal way to work, which has enables us to develop projects in different European and Latin American countries.

Strategic partnerships allow us to expand our scope and access to unique projects while we grow with our clients.

Impar Capital

We provide real estate investment development and consulting services focused on promoting, building, conditioning and developing housing and commercial units at the best locations in Spain.  This is a purpose in which we put all our experience, prestige, and soundness gathered over all these years.

Impar Capital also provides comprehensive supporting services from the very acquisition and selection of the real property to the commercialization and sale of the development projects.

A highly customized service. Real estate experience. Passion for quality work. Distinction in our developments. Comprehensive management actions.

What sets us apart?

A deep knowledge ofthe Spanish real estate market.

First-level relationship with the main financial institutions.

Access to the best properties thanks to a large network of partners.

All the assets in our portfolio go through anexhaustive assessment before being proposed.  This process is divided into three stages: market study of the location, technical product study, and financial analysis on the transaction.

We are investing partners in all the projects we manage.

Impar Arquitectura

Our main purpose is giving “added value” to projects, combining our experience and talent with a superior integrative capacity of our team members with other specialists.  This allows us to devise creative and efficient solutions throughout the building process, thereby meeting and even exceeding our clients’ expectations.

We address every project with a quality-work commitment, using a dynamic and transparent approach.

All this entails a thrilling challenge both technically and design-wise, which has enabled us to get involved in some of the most emblematic buildings of Madrid, thereby becoming in specialists of the transformation and development of residential, hospitality and retail spaces.

To accompany our clients’ during all the process and grow with them is the most important task for us, based on a mutual and long lasting trust as much as with institutional groups, privates and socimis.